Drag Your Feet: Tips for Staying Together-Part 2

April 5th, 2020

When Jesus entered Jerusalem Triumphantly, He did so riding a small donkey--dragging His feet. This wasn’t an accident. This was a decision. Jesus wasn’t looking for Dictator Power in this world, He was and is looking for a relationship with people. He proved it that day.
If your vision of a successful home, marriage and family is everyone doing everything your way, you are going to fail. In this time while you are quarantined at home, take time to fix things for others. Help your kid with their car, or fix their computer. Repair that door lock that won’t give them privacy. Detail your wife’s car. Do the things that matter to them.
Instead of riding in to be their Dictator, drag your feet, ride in to be the answer to their problem.

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